Message From Campus Chief

Mr. Hari Bahadur Khatri
Mr. Hari Bahadur Khatri
(Campus Chief)

The pioneer academic institution of Gulmi District Resunga Multiple campus gets its name from a lofty, towering, and religious peak, the Resunga Hill. The glory of this reputed college chiefly rests with the academic service that it has continued to offer to people since its establishment in 2039 VS. With its committed management team, qualified teachers, honest working staff and hardworking and generous local people, the campus is now firmly established as an unquestioned center of academic excellence. For its current academic status, the campus is indebted to the contributions made by people from different sectors. In this regard, I take this opportunity to generously acknowledge the invaluable initiations of late revered Guru Gyan Hari Acharya and Mr. Sashi Panthi, including the then academicians and businessmen.

Resunga Multiple Campus does not have a heroic beginning. It started its journey as a humble traveler. Its academic journey began from the dusty rooms of the now Mahendra Higher Secondary School with a few students. Slowly, with the tireless effort of the then academicians, the campus gradually graduated from one level of academic pursuit to another. As a result, Resunga Multiple Campus has now become a synonym for the hub of creativity and growing intellectualism. The campus is rich in physical infrastructures; it owns its own land and all of its classrooms are housed in its own buildings. The newly constructed library building equipped with computers and latest books aims at expanding students’ access to the world information. The artfully crafted ground in the middle promotes the academic vibrancy of the institution.

Resunga Multiple Campus has now embarked on some challenging educational projects. While preserving and promoting our time-honored education, we have now introduced some giant steps   in terms of research and projects.  Education, Humanities, and Management are the three faculties that are currently in operation. While we are also running Master’s Degree in Education in subjects like EPM, other such programs are also in the pipeline.   

At Resunga Multiple Campus, we have provided ample opportunity to its academic staff to enhance and update their capacity. Indeed, the overall strength of its staff has now increased much satisfactorily. Most of them are making the most of the technology available in the campus, and as a result of its use by each subject expert, students have made a considerable progress in their respective area of study. For those who wish to hone research skills and pursue research projects, the provision of conditional financial grants is also available in the campus.

It will indeed be indecent to underestimate the achievements made so far. Right from its beginning, it has continued to provide quality education in the most cost-effective and affordable way. At this moment, I would like to fondly recall many meritorious students who are currently serving the nation from different sectors. Our graduates are now the highly acclaimed government officials, university lecturers, and decorated gallants who have already earned national and international reputation. This is a data to celebrate and be proud of. And this is the inspiring and motivating milestone for all of us.

What we have achieved so far has given us fuel to take even more challenging steps. We have recently taken a step towards being a constituent campus of Mid-western University. If this comes to pass, this will be a historic moment for all of us. Apart from relieving us of the financial burdens that we have struggled against many times over in the past, this will certainly open a window of opportunity in terms of a wider access to academic pursuit. As a campus chief, I feel honored to be a part of the academic growth of this campus and cordially appreciate the efforts, coordination, and moral support of my colleagues, administration staff, management committee and students. I also extend a hearty gratitude to all the vanguards of education who have sincerely supported us in true spirit and good faith.            



Mr. Hari Bahadur Khatri (Campus Chief)